Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bountiful Blooms in the Gardens this year!

With all the rain we had this year with just the right amount of sunshine, my gardens have never looked better. My new mock orange bush which I purchased late in the season two years ago, bloomed beautifully this spring. But it was my echinaceas, roses, bee balm and hydrangeas which gave me the most spectacular showing, and in turn provided the bees, birds and other wildlife with lots of what they like. I was out with camera yesterday and took a few shots of the perennials still in bloom. My favourite is the beautiful Queen Elizabeth roses (pictured here) which bloomed twice for me this year. Such as hardy variety, given our extreme canadian winters.

Busy Little Bees

There were quite a few bees pollinating around my Sedum August Joy. Nice thing about these plants is that they look great throughout the growing season, start out as a pastel pink and turn into a deep wine color at the end of the season. They are also very drought tolerant.

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