Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cat Love

Since adopting Thomas we have watched the developing relationships between Thomas and our other two cats, Max and Maggie. While Maggie continues to remain reserved about Thomas, we think she is gradually softening as her spits and hisses are now fewer and far between and quite often we see her and Thomas lying around together on the dining room carpet. Thomas and Max on the other hand seem to be getting along splendidly. Many times now we have witnessed some marathon lick fests between them. It will start off with Thomas walking up to Max and giving him a loving caress across Max's face with his face. Max will almost always respond by licking Thomas and thus begins the mutual lovefest between them. It's amazing how receptive Max is given that he came to us as a very independent cat who did not seem that interested in affectionate displays. Could this be some misplaced maternal instinct we wonder? As it is such an incredible loving sight between Thomas and Max, I figured it was time to capture some of this on video and share it here.

Below is one of two videos of the extended lick fest that took place between Thomas and Max recently. So cute!

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