Friday, November 2, 2012

Flea Free - We think (hope) !

Well, after an initial round each (all 3 cats) of ADVANTAGE Flea treatment, spraying all rooms (sans the cats) with VetKem flea spray, and several sessions of vaccuming and a few loads of laundry, I think we are in pretty good shape for becoming flea-free. I will be doing another dose of Advantage next month, just to make sure. Our house is on the cool side which is good thing, as flea eggs need at least 70 degrees F to hatch. The cats are not scratching anymore, and I am not finding any fleas on the little one. Everybody got a dose of Strongid worming meds as well as its been awhile for Max and Maggie and Thomas probably hadn't been wormed yet since birth.

Things have been going well between Max and Thomas. Max is so very tolerant of Thomas which I am grateful for as Thomas is constantly instigating and encouraging Max to wrestle with him. My husband was telling me that while I was out the other night, both Max and Thomas began licking each other furiously, after a round of cat sumo. A very nice report I must say. Unforunately, poor Maggie hasn't fared as well. She still has reservations about Thomas. It definitely doesn't help his case any when he zooms by her at full speed when she is having a quiet moment - which is pretty well most of the time. Spits and hisses are her responses, every time. The one positive development is that Maggie can now stay in the room and will sit and watch Thomas for long periods, whereas when Thomas first arrived, she would scurry off to our upstairs bedroom and hide under the bed.

It's kind of fascinating to watch the dance between a young male cat and middle-aged male with middle-aged female looking on. There are definitely things to work out before these three cats are ready to live in peaceful co-existence, but I must say that this transition is going better than I thought it would.

(Thomas making himself right at home)

(Max and Thomas curled up next to the woodstove)

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