Monday, October 22, 2012

Latest addition to our family - Meet Thomas!

Thomas is a 3-4 month old kitten that showed up at our doorstep one morning, about 10 seconds after I let Max in. It was a rainy, cold morning and Thomas came like a shot from around the corner of our house and could not get in our door fast enough. We've seen strays in the neighborhood before, but this little guy was different. Very small and not the least bit frightened of me. One first indication that this cat was not feral.

After some initial inspection, it occurred to me that this kitten must have been dropped off on our road by someone. I was furious at the thought that someone could do such thing, given that we are now well into the stormy and cold fall season and we are situated on a country road with only 4 homes. Thomas was not that wet, pads were in very good condition and his coat and eyes were very shiny and healthy looking. Later we would discover that Thomas came bearing a gift - A mild case of Fleas!

For the past two weeks I have been in cleanup mode, and recently picked up some Advantage Flea medication, Strongid worming solution and some Ubavet ear cleaner. All 3 cats have been treated for fleas, wormed and had their ears cleaned. We also sprayed all rooms with an aerosol flea treatment. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

So far Max hasn't shown too much resistance to Thomas, in fact I am amazed that he wasn't the least bit aggressive given the way he's put the run to many a stray cat here. Thomas has literally walked up to Max and affectionately pushed his face up against Max's face. I stand and watch closely for any signs of negative reaction from Max, but thankfully nothing has happened yet. Max has batted the kitten a couple of times when he has gotten a bit too rambuctious, but claws were not out. Maggie on the other hand, is definitely not ready to accept Thomas and will spit and hiss whenever Thomas comes too close. Poor Maggie. Ironically, we had been giving some thought to getting another cat, (an adult female for Maggie) from our shelter as they have really been struggling this year with an over-abundance of cats. But things don't always work out the way you expect them to. I think we'll eventually see Thomas as a blessing to all of us - He's very sweet in the way he sits on my shoulder while I am working away at the computer, but it's more in the way in which he has pushed his way into our lives, literally, that suggests to me that he really needs and wants to be here. Flyers posted at local stores and our postal outlet returned no calls, so we've decided to keep Thomas. He will have his work cut out for him in winning Maggie over, and who knows, he may end up bringing out the kitten in Max and Maggie once again.

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