Monday, October 4, 2010

Now this is a first!

Since we adopted Max and Maggie, we've learned that they are perhaps not so into each other in terms of being affectionate or allowing themselves to be in close proximity. Now and then they will tolerate some licking after some sniffing to determine what the other has been up to, but this has pretty much been the extent of their close contact.

To my delight today, Maggie and then Max, both hopped onto the large plastic bin next to our computer, and proceeded to nap while I was doing some work. I was so surprised (pleasantly), and got up quietly to go and get the digital. I figured, this was a once in a lifetime moment that I just had to capture for posterity.

These two live pretty well together, but they do have their idiosyncracies. Max for instance, is the more aggressive, and one of his favourite things is to use Maggie for stalking practice. She gets into and enjoys this initially, by running from one room to the other with Max usually in hot pursuit. He usually catches her and when he does, he's frustrated by this time and in his zealousness, will play bite and kick, prompting me to follow the screams to where they are and pull them apart. The chase is funny to watch as Maggie is pretty quick and knows which furniture she can run to and hide under, that Max can't fit into.

I think (I hope) that these two are mellowing out and finding a way to be together that is not so estranged. I think part of it is that they are both bonded well to John and I and as a result, tend to vie for our affection in trying to be the first on the bed and ultimately, first in our hearts. They are both securely planted and first in our hearts, but the postering continues. Today was an unusual day of cooperation and peace. Very nice to see.

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