Monday, June 14, 2010

Right at home

On Sunday, John and I were out doing some puttering around, cutting grass and such. I was in the back of our house, organizing some plant pots that I have collected, when Max noticed me there and promptly jumped up on the septic box next to where I was working, and settled down amongst a soaker hose that was laying there on top.

This is a cat that will make himself comfortable, pretty well anywhere. Both cats in fact, will practically squeeze themselves into the smallest of spots just to be near us, which is so sweet and endearing.

Max didn't stay long in this spot however, as the afternoon sun was at its hottest. He tends to prefer the cool of the carport or shade of the apple trees on the other side of the house, where he can sit for long periods of time watching the chipmunks and squirrels scamper about. So far and thankfully, no chipmunk kills this year!

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