Monday, June 14, 2010

Relay for Life - Update

Well, another Relay for Life has come and gone and what a night! I met many wonderful people and heard a lot of stories - Some sad, but also many that were celebrations of victory -- All were heartwarming testaments to the human spirit. I noticed that there were many young people there with family and friends and quite a few who were volunteering which was great to see. There was one young woman, who sauntered up to the table where I was stationed. She was participating as part of a team and wanted to grap a quick snack and a drink. Clad in a runner's suit, she had this happy, energetic zip in her step as she announced that she had already completed 17 laps around the huge track, and was really jazzed about going the distance. I congratulated and wished her well but also gave her some gentle encouragement to remember to pace herself and conserve some of that energy for later as the wee hours of the morning usually present the biggest challenge.

The start of the evening was perfect for this event - Clear and cool. We (volunteers) kept saying amongst ourselves that the rain that was expected, wouldn't be showing up until early the next morning. It held off for a number of hours, but around 2-3:00am, down it came. Most of the walkers had umbrellas thankfully. Some not, but kept on walking despite the rain. Such dedication!

According to organizers, there were a total of 1,245 luminaries purchased and placed in remembrance, in honor and in celebration of those touched by this disease. Below are two of the luminaries that I purchased for Mom and Dad, lit up and standing as beacons in the night and a tribute to their spirit and memory which will live on in me and my siblings and the grandchildren who will continue after us.

I look forward to this event next year, and hope to get a team effort going.

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