Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forever Home for Rosie

While doing a little research on pet foods recently, I happened upon the blog of Frannie Syufy through the website. Frannie is a member of the cat writer's association and has been writing for on the subject of cats since 1997. At her recent blog entry, Frannie has a picture of a cat named 'Rosie', who is a little female feline, and resident of the HALO Animal Shelter in Antioch, California, posted along with an article.

This photo of Rosie struck me from the moment I saw it and her story in particular has touched my heart. She is clearly an adorable little girl, and her personality is very much like what Maggie's was, when we first met and took her home. Fearful outwardly, but sweet, loving and cuddly inside. Rosie has been on adoption row for some time apparently. The shelter folks say that it has been a challenge in finding a home for Rosie as she has not been able to display a friendly and cuddly demeanor when out at the Pet Store events - Probably due to her being easily frightened and uncomfortable around lots of people. Much like our female. But I can see into this little girl's heart and can feel somehow just from her photo, that she is capable of much love and loyalty, if only that special someone can come forward and see what it is that I and those who care for her now, can see.

'Rosie' will be one of many featured cats at a special two-day event happening on the 17th and 18th of June in the California East Bay area. 38 animal shelters and rescue organizations in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties will be coming together for 'Maddie's Matchmaker Adoptathon' in a collaborative effort to find suitable and forever homes for many beautiful animals and at no cost to the adopter for this particular event being sponsored by Maddie's Fund.

Maddie's Fund is an organization which was created by Dave Dunfield, of Peoplesoft, and his wife Cheryl, which honors the memory of their beloved miniature schnauzer, 'Maddie'. David and Cheryl have given personally, and raised millions to help save cats and dogs in need. It's efforts such as these and that of Frannie, and the HALO Animal Shelter, that warm my heart in knowing that so much is being done to try and save our animals.

To anyone who is reading this and/or who may live in the California East Bay area, or know someone living there who is looking for a special feline or canine, PLEASE pass this information along.

Below is the information on Rosie :

Contact at HALO : Verlene

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