Sunday, May 9, 2010

Remembering ...

Margaret Elizabeth - 1926 - 2009

Remembering ...

I will remember,

How your love and sense of beauty, truth and love of nature

touched us all and made us look at life a little deeper

and more meaningfully

How your smile lit up a room

and our hearts with love

How your faith in us

kindled a strong belief that we could achieve

anything we put our minds to

Your dedication to family and

the love you had for being a mother

The special Sunday meals that we

shared as a family

and the attention you paid to

making this time so special for us kids

The special china and silver that you

so lovingly cherished and taught us to appreciate

that one day would find its way to your grandchildren

The life lessons, principles and importance of

giving to others, and the importance of being responsible adults

How you have always been there for us

when we skinned our knees or experienced

our first broken heart or when we just

needed a shoulder to cry on or a gentle push in the right direction

I will remember most of all that

not only were you a mother to me

but you were also a friend for life

Today is Mother's Day all over the world. But to us, everyday has been Mother's Day since you left this world. We love you, we miss you. You will always be in our hearts.

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