Monday, May 31, 2010


About a month or so ago we switched cat food from 'Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul' which is a holistic diet free of corn gluten fillers which we wanted to get away from. Well at one point, we noticed Max was starting to drop a bit of weight and didn't seem to be his usual lunatic self. We thought something was wrong, maybe urinary tract infection, or something worse like one of the feline diseases, Fel-V (feline leukemia). We took him in and had him tested. The results were negative, thank goodness. Then we figured it might be the food. Maybe an allergy or Max just wasn't digging this brand of food. He loved the purina we used to have both on, but this stuff just went right through them.

We have had both on Performatrin and they seem to like it well enough. However, lately we've noticed that Max is starting to really bulk up, which is better than seeing him too skinny, but, we've also noticed that he hasn't been using the litterbox for about a week. No pee, no poop, and particularly, no early morning howling like a cat possessed before going and taking care of business in the box? This had been his routine since the day we got these two. John figures he's been going outside, but then he has no access at night so what does he do, hold it? Max?

Then it hit me that maybe, in moving the litterbox recently from one side of the downstairs bathroom to a corner that is a bit closed in, that he didn't like this, and the reason for him suddenly declining to use the box. Well, I moved the box out from the wall yesterday, and voila, Max pooped early this morning. Phew! I was imagining all kinds of things and was ready to take him to the vets this week if he didn't produce soon.

I hate to be a worrying pet owner and paranoid about every little thing, but since we lost Gustav to cancer, I decided that no issue is too small to worry about. Max is easily more finicky than Maggie, and when they say that cats are creatures of habit, this is certainly the case with him. He insists on fresh water, and as we've learned, has definite preferences about the location and cleanliness of his restroom facilities. Duly noted Max. We got it. We will not attempt to move your box again, and will bolt it to the floor if necessary!

Suffice it to say, I am a relieved and grateful mama today.

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