Thursday, May 6, 2010

'Meet the Flickers'

We have quite a few different songbirds that visit our property every year. Cardinals, Chickadees, Jays, Wood Thrush (my favourite), Morning Doves, Partridge, you name it. Recently one afternoon, I was busy doing some work inside and suddenly heard a most peculiar bird call. This call made me stop what I was doing as it was so unlike anything I was used to hearing where we are. I went to our front window and out on our front lawn was this bird with quite a long and narrow beak. This birdie was a fair size, and looked similar to a morning dove I thought but more slender, brownish and from what I could tell, some brilliant shade of red on its head. The call was similar to the sound that the woodpeckers that we tend to get here, make, but not quite. I was intrigued and went to retrieve my field glasses for a closer look. Hmm, definitely not a woodpecker or bird that I've seen before. Red about the sides of the head, black crest high on the breast, and the most beautiful tan brown with black streaks and spots on the tail and body. After some googling, below is the bird that I saw :

As it turns out, this bird IS a member of the woodpecker family. This is kind of interesting as this bird definitely has some characteristics that are considerably different from that of the woodpecker. Kind of in a class all of its own I'd say. Sooo beautiful.

Red-Shafted Flicker Bird Cam :

Dance of the Flickers :

So cute!


  1. I don't know why I didn't click over here before (I always do when someone "new" comes to visit) but I just wanted to drop in and say Hi!

    I have a series of books about the seasons of the year that star two adorable little mice named - Max and Maggie! I cracked up when I read your header.

  2. Hey Chi, thanks for visiting my new little corner of the world! Between your blog and Smileygirl's, I know I can always find something humorous to put a smile on my face.

    The blog here is new but the plan is to keep the posts coming. Re. the books, that's a neat coincidence. :)