Monday, May 24, 2010

I am just sick about this

John and I were watching the news last evening, and the subject of the BP Oil spill was featured. I am just sick about this whole business and feel angry and helpless as I'm sure so many others are over this situation.

Each time something like this happens, I think of the wildlife who will suffer and die needlessly and of how once pristine waters will never be the same. This need for oil and gas is costing us all dearly, and in so many ways. Through these disasters, in our environment everyday from the cars we drive, the fragile ecosystems that become innocent victims each time this happens, and economically in having to shell out even more money to pay for the gas we put in our vehicles so that we can get to work each day. Even if every day citizens were to give up their cars, there would still be the factories and companies, big and small, that rely on oil and gas to power their machines. It's insanity on a global scale.

According to the latest news, the rate at which the oil is being siphoned through the efforts being made by BP, is less than expected. Estimates put the amount of leaking oil at some 5,000 barrels a day. What is being successfully siphoned, is about half of that. Apparently, they (BP) are using a heavy fluid of some sort to try and block the oil from flowing. But, this fluid in itself is a toxic substance! What are they thinking? Crazy. Apparently there is pressure coming from the US administration and Obama for BP to step up its efforts. If they are not making enough of a difference, Obama said he will remove BP from the effort. But then, who takes their place?

The ignorance and complacency of those in charge who make decisions everyday in the oil business, just amazes me given, that there are things that can be done and proper measures in place to ensure that this sort of thing doesn't happen, and yet spills keep happening. Sadly, I think it is the all-mighty dollar that makes and breaks the decision to do the right thing, time and again. *Sigh*  I just pray that this situation can be brought under control really soon. It's being touted as one of the worst spills to date.

Latest video of oil spilling out at ocean floor :

News on Oil Spill efforts :

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