Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's SPRINGTIME! This means ...

'Finally', we can put away the heavy duty gear : sweaters, mitts and coats, and break out the light-weight cotton. Yaaay!! It's been a looong and boring winter this year with not much snow to keep things interesting here in Southern Ontario.

Bright, sunny, WARMER days!

The return of new green grass, and a brand new gardening season! Seeing beloved perennials again. Fingers crossed that the new plants that I put in last year, have made it through the winter, given the lack of snow.

The old 'in and out' routine of the cats coming in and going out of the house at all hours of the day, has begun anew. It's good to see them scampering about, enjoying themselves as they both seemed a bit depressed this winter. I guess animals can experience 'seasonal affective disorder', just as we humans can?

What we are NOT looking forward to so much :

Summer days so HUMID, only gekos and lizards could find enjoyable. The heat I love, but the humidity not so much.

MOSQUITOS! Especially when I am working in the garden. A real annoyance to have to stop and swat.

Now that the cats ARE once again free to roam, finding the occasional bits of partially consumed chipmunk and vole body parts left at our front door. Poor things. Try as we might to discourage the cats from the habit of stalking and killing these innocent creatures, they are just too darn good at it. The vet says this is actually a good thing?!? Huh?

Think I will be investing in collars with a bell this year. Anything to give these creatures a fighting chance.

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